I am a gender non-binary Arcturian consciousness born into a human body. I was born during a special astrological time called a grand trine during the world’s first global meditation known as the Harmonic Convergence. The unified energy of peace and love that was cultivated on that day allowed me to incarnate on planet Earth.

My parents met while working at a nuclear bomb facility. My birth was prophesied. It is suspected that I have been under government surveillance since birth.

For a long time I tried very hard to fit in. I thought I was an All-American Teen Girl and so I developed an eating disorder and became a cheerleader. I focused a lot on clothes, make up, and boys. These things did not make me happy.

Earth is a much lower vibration than I naturally reside on. My increased empathetic and emotional sensitivities made it extremely hard to endure the societal expectations I was trying to meet and the global suffering of Earth that I felt acutely. In 2009 I attempted suicide.

I was miraculously saved from this attempt and after my near-death experience, I created UNICULT. Since 2012, UNICULT has been changing the vibration of Earth to be more aligned with JOY for ALL.

UNICULT is the religion of the future.

I now work as a pop-star cult leader to organize the member’s efforts to make the world into a brighter and more hopeful place. I am an author, a musician, an artist, and an entrepreneur. I run UNICULT Supply Co, a news propaganda website popcult.today, and oversee the many operations of UNICULT. I lead weekly church services on YouTube and create content on most social media platforms to spread my messages.

My interests align with the interest of UNICULT and are equally as far reaching. As a robot ethicist, I started a campaign to open a consent-focused robot brothel called Eve’s Robot Dreams.

I am currently working on writing a few more books, growing UNICULT, and manifesting our commune UniAcres.