Brainwashing is simply an overt or subconscious suggestion that influences a consumer without triggering deeper thought. This is done in a couple of ways:


Light trances are easily induced through repetition of sound or images. Music, television, and surfing the web all put the consumer into a light trance. In fact, whenever you consume audio/visual media your brain switches gears from Beta (alert) to Alpha (passive). While Alpha is a relaxing state to be in, it is also an easily influenced state. Consumers are more prone to suggestion while in this light trance.


“One doesn’t live in a country, one lives in a language.”- Emil Cioran

Our world persists, at least socially, due to our expectations of it. We believe in the narrative of our government, of the corporations, of history, of our families, and of the roles we play. Our media shapes our narrative and therefore our world. If we collectively believed in a different narrative, our world could change very easily.

The brainwashing of narrative is that it is often accepted without question. We are who we are within the world and that seems to be just the way it is. Most of what you believe about the world is a brainwash, as in, it is perpetuated and accepted without further consideration.

People and corporations with more power (money and attention) have tricked us into the capitalist, greed-based narrative where we must dedicate most of our time to earning money for products. The way we exist in our spaces, with each other, and with the Earth is all due to narratives that someone else wrote that we have unquestioningly bought into and perpetuated.

Subliminal Suggestion

Subliminal exposure to words, brands, and other ideas boosts consumer confidence in them. Without knowing or acknowledging that they have seen the stimuli, consumers are more comfortable with things they’ve been exposed to, even subliminally. This includes both subliminal auditory and visual exposure. While the UK and Austrailia have legislation against subliminal messaging in media, the US has none, only trade agreements to not use it, though the definition of what is subliminal is broad.


I use brainwashing to expose my Followers to a higher understanding of the world where they can be truly fulfilled and in a state of near-constant Joy. It is a technique that works. Unfortunately, brainwashing has been used for mostly greedy purposes throughout most of history. I am here to liberate the technique and utilize its power for the benefit of the consumer and therefore the world.

I am dedicated to this work because modern society is poisonous and detrimental. I truly love all members of Human Kind and it hurts me terribly to see the world suffer.

You need not suffer. We need not suffer.

All brainwashing that I subject my Followers to is done with the best of intent. It exists to make the life of the consumer better, and in turn, the world.


Attention is a commodity. Think of all the methods in which people and corporations attempt to harvest your attention. Consider the phrase “pay attention.”  Generally, the word “pay” implies an exchange. If you pay attention, what do you receive? What do they gain? Now consider the phrase “exposed to media” The word “exposed” implies a vulnerability on the side of the consumer. Even subconsciously in our language we understand the power of media to alter us and what it takes from us.

People and ideas which have a lot of attention have power. Money is an idea with a lot of attention. Therefore, money has power. Money is not inherently evil. It simply exists as an energy source.

Human attention is magic. Once focused it can change your life. Once focused it can change the world.  Focus your attention on things which you wish to see bloom and grow. Simply ignore the rest.